Quality Care ILS

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Our Program's services are designed to develop our consumer's skill sets so that they can learn to live independently. The focus of these services will include but are not limited to behavioral management, social skill development, and community integration.

Our Objective

The Quality Care ILS Program is a community-based program that will serve individuals with mild to moderate developmental disabilities. It is our goal to help consumers manage these disabilities in a community setting. This program seeks to provide consumers unwavering support alongside practical instruction. Quality Care ILS assists consumers in developing the necessary life skills in order to cultivate a higher level of functioning and independence. Among our points of emphasis are utilizing community resources, and practicing self advocacy concepts that will include developing problem solving and decision making skills. We look to offer our consumers some of the same experiences and life opportunities as non-disabled adults. This training will be coordinated in a variety of settings including the consumer’s place of residence, schools, in the community and natural environments. Consumers will be assisted in making appropriate choices whenever possible.

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of this program is to encourage and support our consumers with the skills necessary to live independently. This program’s core value will be to always treat our consumers with dignity, respect, compassion, and integrity while assisting them with their needs. The focus will encompass Individual Service Plan goals; developing their self-advocacy, communication skills, self help skills, behavioral control, social skills, community integration skills, and good health habits. Active programming will be conducted at the consumer’s residence, or community locations.